Let's drink!

Rooted in 2010 Winning 5280's best new bar, The Drink Denver offers a fun, laid back environment where Denver reaches out to let loose.

Accompany our lively staff seven nights a week, kick back, soothe your soul with a cocktail and prepare to hit the dance floor while socializing with your city and beyond.


Infused Vodkas

Strawberry, Pepperoncini, Cucumber and for you whiskey drinker's Peach white whiskey.

Have some other suggestions? Email Carter, thedrinkdenver@gmail.com

Social Weekends

Let your inner wild side out on our dance floor with Video Dj's Friday and Saturday nights.

Wanna go VIP? For tables:
Email Carter, thedrinkdenver@gmail.com

Sporting Events

Five Big Screen TV's and one Giant Screen projector to watch all your local sporting events!

Yeah, the back wall is basically a 140" TV screen.